NEW VISION GROUP started with New Vision for Tourism Project Management which is originally established on 2nd June 2002. The Company has started the business of Arabic First Class Restaurant. By the best services and better quality, the company got to so many satisfied customers and very good reputation in the market.

Starting from year 2004 the company has ventured with another type of business such as Hotel, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Trading and Construction.
Once again the successful management, team work, best services and better quality have given the bright success and continues to vision successful business.

To become one of the advanced successful business provider in the region.

To provide clients with excellent supplies in their diversified industries inluding hotel and fine dining restaurant; real estate property, manufacturing and other which can add value to the society


  "As the world advances rapidly at all scales of life issues, New Vision Group aims to meet the challenge fast movement
 industry and people. 

 The whole concept of New Vision Group is to provide high quality service product supplies with highest standards of quality         and value added to the community.

 We at New Vision Group are dedicated to reach the ultimate objectives of the targets behind forming out new fashion  company."

Ibrahim Abdelwahab Hassan
       Managing Director


Watch our for the new STYLE & ELEGANT FINE DINING RESTAURANT in Block 338 SOON TO OPEN!!

Choose your stay today! Feel at home and enjoy the comfortable ambiance of our Three Star Hotel - Riviera Hotel in Juffair and Meshal Hotel in Exhibition.